Great Series Read Project!

This is my list for the Great Series Read Project started by Caitlin at Realms of My Mind.

Starred books are on the group bookshelf for one of my GoodReads groupsStruck through titles have been read already; some of them will be reread but I’m not sure which ones 

Most of these I haven’t even started yet, so I may decide not to finish some of them

Adams,  Richard: Beklan Empire: Shardik/Maia

Burke, Sue: Semiosis: Semiosis*/Interference 

Bujold, Lois McMaster: World of the Five Gods: The Curse of Chalion*/Paladin of Souls/The Hallowed Hunt

Butler, Octavia: The Patternists: Wild Seed*/Mind of my Mind/Clay’s Ark/Survivor/Patternmaster

Cherryh, CJ: Foreigner series Foreigner*/Invader/Inheritor (first trilogy arc, part of a larger series; I am going to leave it at that for now)

Crowley, John: Aegypt Quartet  (I own the second volume, which I grabbed at a library sale – need to get the rest from the library): The Solitudes/Love & Sleep/Daemonomania/Endless Things

Ha Lee Yoon: The Machineries of Empire: Ninefox Gambit*/Raven Stratagem/Revenant Gun

Hobb, Robin: Liveship Traders Trilogy: Ship of Magic*/Mad Ship/Ship of Destiny 

Jemisin, NK: Broken Earth trilogy: The Fifth Season*/The Obelisk Gate*/The Stone Sky* 

Jones, Diana Wynne: Chrestomanci series: Charmed Life*/The Lives of Christopher Chant/The Magicians of Caprona/Conrads Fate/The Pinhoe Egg

Kay,  Guy Gavriel: Under Heaven: Under Heaven*/River of Stars

Kuang, R.F.: The Poppy War trilogyThe Poppy War*/The Dragon Republic/The Burning God 

Liu, Ken: Dandelion Dynasty: The Grace of Kings*/The Wall of Storms/The Veiled Throne

Novik, Naomi: Temeraire: His Majesty’s Dragon*/Throne of Jade/Black Powder War/Empire of Ivory Victory of Eagle/Tongues of Serpents/Crucible of Gold/Blood of Tyrants/League of Dragons

Palmer, Ada:  Terra Ignota – Too Like the Lightning*/Seven Surrenders*/The Will to Battle/Perhaps the Stars

Robinson, Kim Stanley: Three Californias trilogy: The Wild Shore/The Gold Coast/Pacific Edge (audio)

Samatar,  Sofia: A Stranger in Olondria/The Winged Histories

Shanower,  Eric: Age Of Bronze Vol. 1: A Thousand Ships/Age Of Bronze Vol. 2: Sacrifice/Age Of Bronze Vol. 3A: Betrayal Pt 1/Age Of Bronze Vol. 3B: Betrayal Pt 4 (reread)  

Simmons, Dan: Hyperion Cantos: Hyperion*/The Fall of Hyperion/Endymion/The Rise of Endymion

Vance, Jack: Lyonesse trilogy: Suldruns Garden/The Green Pearl/Madouc (the library doesn’t have this one so I will have to buy it at some point)

Willis, Connie: Oxford Time Travel series: Doomsday Book*/To Say Nothing of the Dog*/Blackout*/All Clear*

Yang,  JY: Tensorate seriesThe Black Tides of Heaven/The Red Threads of Fortune/The Descent Of Monsters/The Ascent to Godhood

Zelazny, Roger: Chronicles of Amber – Corwin series: Nine Princes in Amber*/The Guns of Avalon/Sign of the Unicorn/The Hand of Oberon/The Courts of Chaos

Published by Beth @ Beth's Bookish Thoughts

This blog is for my thoughts on reading. A couple of my friends on GoodReads have blogs, so eventually I decided to start one myself. I hope to get involved in the book blogging community and become a better reader and writer! I am not accepting copies of new books for review, but I would be interested in new editions or new translations of classic authors. Find me on Upwork (as an editor) in the profile link. From September 2018 to October 2020 I blogged at Blogger.

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