Deal Me In Short Story Challenge 2020: My List

This challenge is hosted by Jay at Bibliophilopolis For this challenge, you select 52 stories to read in 2019 and then assign each of them to a card in a deck of cards, drawing one card each week and then reading the story that matches the card. I read most of last year’s list, but I didnt finish it. This time, like Jay, I have included a wild card in each suit, so I can pick whatever I want for that card when I draw it. 

This year, I think I will try to have a post every month about what I’ve read.
5/7/20: 12 read, I’m trying to catch up to 16 and then I will be back on track for 4 per month

◇Diamonds: 19th century-ish poems (a few are 18th century)
A Arthur Hugh Clough: Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth  5/7/20 
1 Alfred Lord Tennyson: Ulysses (reread)
2 William Shakespeare: Venus & Adonis
3 Swinburne: Garden of Proserpina (reread)
4 John Keats: Ode on Melancholy (reread) 6/21/2020
5 Percy Shelley: Ode to the West Wind (reread)
6 John Keats: Ode to a Nightingale (reread)
7 John Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn (reread)
8 Percy Shelley: Adonais
9 Robert Burns: To a Mouse (reread)
10 Percy Shelley: Mont Blanc
J Percy Shelley: Ozymandias (reread)
Q Percy Shelley: To a Skylark (reread) 1/25/2020

K Wild Card

♤Spades: Science Fiction & Fantasy♤ (from old issues of Asimov’s)
A Nancy Kress: Night Win (September 1983)  4/26/2020
1 Octavia Butler: Speech Sounds (December 1983)
2 Connie Willis: And Who Would Pity a Swan? (January 1985)
3 Richard Purtill: Gorgonissa (January 1985)
4 Frederick Pohl: Fermi & Frost (January 1985)
5 Bruce Sterling: Dinner in Audoghast (May 1985)
6 Lisa Goldstein: Preliminary Notes on the Jang (May 1985) 1/30/2020
7 Pat Cadigan: After the Days of Dead-Eye Dee (May 1985)
8 Michael Swanwick: Anyone Here From Utah? (May 1985) April 26 2020
9 Kate Wilhelm: The Gorgon Field (August 1985)
10 James Blaylock: Lord Kelvins Machine (December 1985) 
J Robert Silverberg: An Outpost of the Empire (November 1991) 4/25/2020
Q Kim Stanley Robinson: Vinland the Dream (November 1991)
K Wild Card: Charles de Lint: Uncle Dobbins Parrot Fair 4/24/20

♧Clubs: More Stories from Asimov’s

A Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling: Storming the Cosmos (December 1985)  4/20/20
1 James Tiptree: All This & Heaven Too (December 1985)  
2 Susan Palwick: The Woman Who Saved the World (May 1985)
3 James Patrick Kelly: Solstice (June 1985) 
4 Ian McDonald: Empire Dreams (December 1985) 

5 Norman Spinrad: World War Last (August 1985) 6/20/20
6 Kim Stanley Robinson: A History of the 20th Century, With Illustrations (April 1991)  4/28/20
7 Greg Egan: In Numbers (April 1991) 1/31/2020
8 Lucius Shepard: Shades (December 1987) 
9 Karen Joy Fowler: The War of the Roses (December 1985)
10 Gene Wolfe: The Nebraskan and the Nereid (December 1985)  April 27 2020
J  Robert Charles Wilson: Boulevard Life (December 1985) April 25 2020
Q Keith Roberts: Mrs. Byres and the Dragon (August 1990) 6/22/2020
K Wild Card
♡Hearts: 20th Century Poems♡
A Pablo Neruda: Oda a la Critica (Ode to Criticism) (reread)
W.H. Auden: In Memory of W.B. Yeats (reread)
Pablo Neruda: Oda a la Sal (Ode to Salt) (reread)
Robert Hayden: Perseus (reread)
Pablo Neruda: Oda a la Alchofa (Ode to the Artichoke) (reread)
W.H. Auden: The Unknown Citizen (reread)
Robinson Jeffers: Hurt Hawks
T.S. Eliot:  Little Gidding
8 Marianne Moore: Poetry  5/31/2020
9 W.H. Auden: The Shield of Achilles (reread)
10 Neruda: Deber del Poeta (The Poet’s Obligation) (reread) 6/18/2020
Robert Frost: Birches 
Neruda: Migracion (Migration) (reread)
K Wild Card 

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